Facilitation for Co-Production

I help organisations shape successful, high impact projects, by facilitating powerful co-production meetings and events – online and in person.

I would love to work with you to deliver an event, or a series of meetings, that unleashes the full potential of all those involved in, or affected by, your upcoming opportunity or challenge. I’m personally obsessed with the value and the importance of genuine co-production and involvement – something so many of us talk about but so few are actually doing effectively.

Through my work at 4theRegion, and in my own business, working with organisations, local authorities and communities across Wales and the UK, I’ve proven again and again that there is an untapped pool of passion, purpose and expertise within every community – whether that’s a team of colleagues, a partnership of organisations, or a place-based community of local people and businesses. Now, having received requests to do this work privately, I’m delighted to offer my unique system of appreciative enquiry co-production facilitation on a consultancy basis!

By planning and hosting a powerful “shared vision meeting” with colleagues, partners, stakeholders and diverse perspectives in the room, I’ll help you co-create the best, most innovative solutions, and co-design projects and initiatives that leverage the wisdom, ideas and aspirations of everyone present. In this way, you’ll achieve new levels of ‘buy in’, support and engagement for what you are trying to achieve – everyone working together, with a shared sense of purpose, towards a shared vision of what they want.

Drop me an email to arrange an initial conversation, to explore whether I might be a good fit to facilitate your upcoming co-production events!