Two of the best decisions of my life: moving to Swansea, and starting a business.

The first was a random non-decision, it wasn’t a conscious choice, I was just following Jake.  But this city has become my first real home and I count my blessings every day.  As I walk my kids to school, as I run through the park and along the beach, I feel freedom and belonging and possibility.

Starting a business was always in me.  I wanted self-determination, my life in my hands.  You might see a business, I see the journey of my life, every struggle, every win, made solid after 16 years.  I love what we have created, a happy place for an amazing team.

These days, I’m consumed by new challenges, bigger problems to solve.  Hope for the region, building a movement.  Self-determination, our life in our hands.  If you could see this region like I see this region, you’d understand.

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